Promoting the Program

Success of this program depends on your business’s ability to promote the program. 

Please share links to the website, share our Facebook posts, email your customers information - do anything and everything you can to help spread the word. 

Key Messaging 

Feel free to incorporate any of the language ideas below into your promotion of this program. 
Focus on Collective Success. 

We’ll Get Better Together. 

We’re Looking Forward to Celebrating Our Success when the pandemic passes. 
When you buy a gift card to our business, your money will be matched 100% and provided to people negatively impacted by the coronavirus. 

A “Buy One, Give One” Community Relief Program

A tool to match gift card purchases at a local business with local food assistance of equal value for an affected person in our community. 

Gift cards for the future, local food assistance for the gap. 

Thank you for protecting our community. 

We stand with Coffeyville’s local businesses.