Program Overview

Mission of Coffeyville Together

Coffeyville Together enables customers to put dollars in the hands of their favorite businesses while also providing food assistance to those affected by layoffs/reductions in pay. 

“Buy One. Give One.”

The program is simple. “You Buy One. We Give One.” When a customer buys a gift card through the website (, the value of the gift card will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, to provide food assistance to individuals and families who have been directly impacted by layoffs/wage loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. Grants for food assistance will be given to help local people through local nonprofit organizations such as Genesis and local Salvation Army.

What is Coffeyville Together? 

Coffeyville Together is a program which aims to get money flowing into the local business community which has been disproportionately impacted by recent safety measures that prevent gatherings of 10+ people. The foodservice, local retail, and personal care/service industries were some of the first to feel the impact of these restrictions and, consequently, some of the first who were forced to close and possibly lay off employees. This program was designed for them. We realize that no amount of gift cards will make you whole but our goal is to play a part in helping small businesses sustain - we need each and every employer to be back in action once able. Additionally, the program aims to provide quick, low-barrier access to essential food/grocery items to people in our community.

Matching Funds

Matching funds are available and will be provided by the CACF Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund and additional CACF Donor Advised Funds.