How to Register

All registrations must be completed online at This process is easiest to complete on a desktop/laptop computer as the application requires file uploads. 

  1. Review the checklist items above to ensure you’re ready to begin the sign up process.
  2. Click the “Register Online” link in the navigation menu. 
  3. Complete the form. Please be thorough. A complete form expedites the process and ensures your business is online ASAP 
  4. Wait 4 to 24 hours to receive approval and see your listing online (Please be patient. We are ready and processing requests asap.) 
  5. Once your listing is live, begin promoting the program and linking customers to your online gift-card sales platform! 


Your application is manually reviewed by our volunteer. If anything is unclear, we will reach out to you for clarification. If your business is rejected for any reason, we will let you know via email.