Getting Paid


Monday of each week, the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation will review all of the prior week’s sales transactions and generate sales reports for the participating businesses. If your business did not receive any sales, we attempt to email you to let you know so that you can plan cash flow accordingly. 

How do payments work? 

Payments will be issued via check, delivered via USPS. CACF will aim to have checks in the mail weekly on Tuesdays. The delivery time of payments may vary based on USPS delivery times and the workload on staff based on sales volume. 

Sales Tax 

All prices on the website are not inclusive of sales tax. If a customer buys a $50 gift card for your business from the website, they will only pay $50 online. The check to your business will be for $50. It is your responsibility to properly account for sales tax based on your standard procedures at the register when you fulfill the customer’s order. CACF assumes no responsibility in withholding or paying sales tax on behalf of any participating businesses. 

Online Processing Fees 

CACF has agreed to cover processing fees for every transaction on behalf of the participating businesses. Therefore, if customers purchased $500 of gift cards, your payout will be exactly $500.  CACF will cover credit card processing fees.


CACF recommends that all businesses discuss financial particulars with their accountant, regarding the best practices of reporting this income. CACF will file IRS form W-9 and issue 1099-MISC for each business which generated more than $600 in sales through this program.