Fulfilling Orders


We do not recommend that businesses bypass CDC, MCHD, KDHE recommendations or mandates in order to fulfill customer orders. 

In order for a customer to get a gift card after purchasing, they may visit your location (when appropriate) or you are welcome to mail the gift card/certificate to the customer. Customers have been notified that it may take some time before their order will be fulfilled. There is no expectation for immediate order fulfilment on the part of the participating small businesses. Please comply with all federal, state or local health/prevention recommendations regarding business operation and social distancing.


  1. CACF will provide a physical form showing the sales reports which captures the customer’s name, order number (from website/email receipt), gift card amount, the date of order fulfilment and a customer signature acknowledging receipt of the gift card.
  2. Create/generate a gift card with the appropriate balance per your existing practices.
  3. Make arrangements to deliver gift card/certificate to the customer.
  4. The customer will come in to your store when deemed safe and appropriate.
  5. Thank the customer for “buying one and giving one!”

72 Hour Fulfillment Delay 

We do not imagine that most customers will immediately demand their gift card at your store. If they did, your business may end up in a situation where you are being asked to create a gift card before getting paid by CACF. 

To minimize the likeness of this occurring, customers will be asked to wait 72 hours before trying to collect their gift card from your business. This should offset any possible negative cash flow scenarios. 

Preventing Fraud 

While the odds are very unlikely, there is a small chance of fraud where a customer tries to get multiple gift cards using the same receipt. For this reason, we strongly recommend using a recording system. This allows staff to cross check against previously fulfilled orders. 

You may use the weekly sales reports emailed to you by CACF as a log of all valid purchases. 

Should you need real-time assistance with a potential fraud situation staff at CACF can look up any/all orders. 

Please contact the community foundation for support in this scenario at (620) 251-4769.